Collection: Botanic Farm

Originating from Daegu, South Korea, Emily Cosmetic began its research and production of cosmetic goods from as early as 2008, in the era of the Korean Cosmetic Industry’s “Golden 10 Years”. Riding along the Hallyu Waves, Korean cosmetics quickly won over Asian markets with its high quality products that come with an affordable price tag. It is during then Emily Cosmetic expanded its cosmetics market to the Asia Pacific region.

In 2010, Emily Cosmetic developed Botanic Farm – a line of natural cosmetics that go in line with an ecological philosophy. The cosmetics company worked closely with South Korea’s largest OEM skincare factory – Kolmar – in developing the series. The process took over 4 years and in 2014, Botanic Farm – Emily Cosmetic signature series was released to the market and received high praise. Emily Cosmetic will carry on with its research and development towards producing more skincare products that will benefit all.

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