Meet the Manager of Hemline Monroe, Natalie Sutor!


photo.PNGNatalie, how did you become a part of Hemline?
As a customer, actually. I am from Covington, Louisiana and was shopping for a Homecoming dress. I fell in love with the store and asked if they were hiring. When I went to college at LSU, I ended up transferring from the Covington shop to the one located in Baton Rouge. I also worked a few summers at the Hemline headquarters in New Orleans. In 2014, my brother, sister-in-law, (Joshua and Leslie Culp), and I started Hemline Monroe. We decided to open a Hemline so we could share this experience as a family.Tell us about Monroe.
Everyone’s so nice here! Oh, and everyone knows everyone…

What’s your go-to for a fun night out in the city?
I love going to Nonna, it’s a little Italian restaurant with outdoor seating. They have really delicious drinks. There’s actually a new place opening up that I am excited to try, Trapps. It’s going to have a sand volleyball pit, live music…and crawfish!

At your store, do you have a favorite brand that you carry?
Tolani. It’s a print-based, contemporary line. Easy to wear and flowy.

If you weren’t running a store, what would you be doing?
Broadcasting as a sports reporter. I majored in Communications at LSU.

Tell us a fun fact about you.
I think there is a preconception that people start boutiques because they are into fashion. When I look back onto why I opened a Hemline, it wasn’t because I was obsessed with clothes. It was because of the business environment I had been working in for the past six years.

Can you elaborate?
Totally. I admired the women I worked with (and still work closely with), and feel blessed that I am able to work everyday with my family.

Interview by Lizzie Steen

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